1000 Stories

Wills & Estates’ 1000 Stories campaign follows the journey of real-life people who have struggled due to the lack of or poor Estate Planning by loved ones.

Emma Coyne

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"Everyday matters are almost impossible to administer without a Will"

Emma's sister sadly passed away without a Will. When a loved one passes away without a Will, the family are left to pick up the pieces with unreasonable limitations. During a time when Emma should be grieving for her sister, she is left battling with her insurance company and bank just to redirect her mail and close her accounts.

William and Patricia

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"While we were trying to organise the paperwork, every time someone called to pass on their condolences, it just compounded the reality of his death"

We reached out to a Victorian-based couple, William and Patricia, who recently had to say goodbye to their son, Glenn, who passed away at the age of 51. 


The impact of his death continues to take a strong hold on the couple and the rest of their family. Despite getting used to life without Glenn for the last eighteen months, they are still grieving his death whilst learning about the hurdles of someone passing away without having a Will in place.

Mark and Julie Wallace

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"As parents losing a child without a Will, you never think about a young person ever needing a Will because you don’t think that they are going to die"

As part of our 1000 Stories campaign, we reached out to a Queensland-based couple, Mark and Julie Wallace, whose daughter Sara Zelenak was murdered at 21 years old at the London Borough Market terror attack. In this video, the couple shares their story about dealing with the trauma of losing their daughter and the importance of helping your children prepare Estate Planning documents when they become young adults. Unfortunately, Sara died without a Will which has caused a lot of strain for her family.