How Do I Obtain a Grant of Probate Electronically?

An important part of a Will is the selection of an executor, or representee, who is responsible for distribution of one’s estate. In order to perform the role, the executor needs a grant of probate. The traditional way of submitting a probate application was through paper documents and a physical location called “the registry”. The courts have recently established a new way to apply, through the Electronic Court Management System (ECMS), which allows everything to be done online. This system has already been established in South Australia and Victoria, and will eventually roll out in the other states. However, there hasn’t yet been any indication of when this might be. (1)

How it works

Firstly, it allows applicants to track their applications so that they can see how their applications are progressing and manage them. Secondly, it will ensure that all legal documents, drafts and matters can be handled electronically. It will no longer be required to engage the registry in person, thus greatly improving the turnaround times. This makes documents easily accessible for the public, as the only thing someone has to do to search for any grants, is to set up an account.

Here is a chart of the states and the corresponding names for electronic probate.

The Process of the Electronic Court Management System (ECMS) (2)

  1. Register an account with the ECMS of your state.

  2. Start a case/ defend a case/ view judgement

  3. Lodge required documents

  4. Receive notifications regarding your case

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